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Jens Soering Thinks Politics Part of Parole Denial

(by Noreen Turyn, WSET-TV, August 5, 2011)
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Buckingham Co., Va. - Convicted killer Jens Soering says he fears he's becoming a political pawn in the Virginia Senate race.

ABC-13 broke the news last weekend that Soering had been denied parole.  He gave our

Last week, Soering was denied parole. The parole board's ruling states four reasons for the denial.

Soering says he's been denied many times, but hasn't seen one of the reasons before:

"The fourth one is the one that I think is really telling. It says 'risk to the community," Soering said.

Soering takes issue with the fourth in particular because he'd be immediately deported to Germany if paroled.  

"So that 4th reason is basically saying is that the Virginia parole board is protecting the German Community from me and, um at the cost of $25,000 a year to Virginia taxpayers," Soering said.

Soering says he felt more hope this time around because he had two former deputy attorneys general on his side, several new pieces of evidence--the DNA test results and a deposition from a man who said he saw Elizabeth Haysom with another man in a blood-stained car --  and word from the Governor himself.

"In front of witnesses Governor McDonnell told my attorney Gail Ball, a friend of his, he is convinced that he is fully rehabilitated," Soering said.

Soering believes things turned once former Governor Tim Kaine entered the Senate race.  Before leaving office, Kaine had signed an order to send him back to Germany.  McDonnell then had it rescinded.  Now he feels he's become a political pawn.

"So the general idea is that Republicans are tough on crime, Democrats are soft on crime, what is the prime example of this.. not Willie Horton, okay, it's Jens Soering.  And apparently they're going to try to use me in this context."

Soering says his next parole hearing will be just a few months away from the race, and feels by then he will have new evidence to help his case-- the man who was allegedly with Elizabeth Haysom, but says even so-- there's no way he'll be getting out.

"If you're trying to get George Allen elected, you cannot let Jens Soering out of prison even if he's quote unquote rehabilitated, even if two former deputy attorney generals are telling them I should be sent home, even if there's mounting doubt,  we're going to have to make sure Jens Soering stays in prison so George Allen can get in the Senate."

But that's not going to stop him from trying.  

Soering's repatriation attorney filed a lawsuit against Governor McDonnell in January saying he didn't have the authority to revoke Kaine's order. He plans to serve the Governor with the lawsuit at the end of this month.